• Campaign Video

    We use premium medias to present your company's leader on rich medias such as Bloomberg and CNN.

  • Branding Video

    Strengthen your brand and make it more consistent by making a brand video that communicates the real value of what you do.

  • Corporate Video

    Corporate video is a must have tool to communicate your company to all stakeholders.

  • SNS Content

    SNS is a cost-effective, continuous activity that companies must do to keep brand awareness and stakeholder interaction high.

  • HR Video

    Create a dynamic HR video to stick out in the competitive HR market. Get the right people to help you grow your business through an exciting HR video.

Video Production & Creative Agency

Next Frontier is a creative agency that produces video and gives media solutions to both Japanese & global companies. We focus on creating videos for a wide variety of activities such as branding, corporate, IR, SNS, HR, and President interview videos. We combine international creative talent from abroad and Japanese expertise to create video that is appealing and exciting to both global & Japanese audiences.

The Problem we solve

Most Japanese companies struggle with how to communicate outside of Japan and how to appear international inside of Japan. Using emotional content, we tell their brand story in a cross culture way, that makes the viewer, no matter where they are from, enjoy the video we make.


We believe every company has an exciting story to tell, and this story will help them communicate to audiences why they are unique or great. We help companies and countries communicate their story by generating dynamic, emotional content delivered through business leaders and thought provokers. Capturing the most exciting elements of a company, we showcase each company’s unique story with an unrivaled international appeal.

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Where We Do It

Our productions houses are located in New York and Sweden.


3-3-10-301 Shibuya
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan, 150-0002

Tel: +81 3 6416 8050

New York

195 Atlantic Ave.
    Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11021

Tel: +1 347 632 1907


Tredjelangatan 16 413 03
    Gothenburg, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0) 31 799 5501

Next Frontier