Video Production & Creative Agency

About Us

Next Frontier is a creative agency that produces video and gives media solutions to both Japanese & global companies. We focus on creating videos for a wide variety of activities such as branding, corporate, IR, SNS, HR, and President interview videos. We combine international creative talent from abroad and Japanese expertise to create video that is appealing and exciting to both global & Japanese audiences.

We Believe In

We believe every company has an exciting story to tell, and this story will help them communicate to audiences why they are unique or great. We help companies and countries communicate these stories through dynamic, emotional video content delivered through business leaders and thought provokers. Capturing the most exciting elements of a company, we showcase each company’s unique story with an unrivaled international appeal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies communicate with an international standard and attractiveness. We overcome communication cultural barriers in order to bridge Japan to the outside world. We give our clients an international image for both international and domestic communication.

Our Story

Next Frontier was started because the founders believe that Japan has some of the very best companies in the world, making products and services with a unique passion for excellence. But these companies sometimes have a difficult time communicating with an international standard to both global and Japanese audiences, so we wanted to help these companies communicate with an international standard. We’re a team of strategic creatives specializing in communications, design, digital and video who believe in cross-cultural communication and have a passion for international communication.