Campaign Video Service

3 unique things about our campaign

Global Video Standard With International Mood & Feel

We create organic, emotional videos through the eyes and words of the leaders, top CEOs, of an economy, using insights that the international business community wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Country/Peer-To-Peer Dimension

By bringing together top CEOs from different sectors of an economy, companies has the opportunity to be featured next to other top Japanese companies such as Honda, Komatsu or Japan Airlines.

Personality Branding

Today, some of the world’s most successful companies are known by their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple) Elon Musk (Tesla). Next Frontier leverages personality branding by using the CEO as the spokesperson for the company, which reduces the gap between the company and the public and creates trust and confidence by giving a personality to a company.


The Campaign Features:

  • Global promotion of your company on some of the best medias in the world
  • Emotional video content with your leader
  • Free Promotion of your company on our campaign page

Rich Media Buying

We place videos on the best media in the world to draw traffic to the campaign page

Rich Media Buying