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Spring 2018 Campaign

With unemployment at a 25-year low and inflation starting to rise, the future continues to look bright for Japan’s economic growth. In our next video series focused on Japan,we dive into understanding the driving [...]

South Korea On The World Stage

South Korea today is a vibrant economy, at the strategic heart of the APEC region, the fastest growing economic region in the world. 2018 will bring all eyes of the world on South Korea as it hosts the biggest sporting event [...]

Fall 2017 Campaign

With the Nikkei stock index closing at a twenty-one year high recently, Japan’s economy grew at its fastest pace in two years and is on its longest expansion streak in more than a decade. Please watch our latest videos to [...]

Fall 2016 Campaign

In the midst of unprecedented times for political and economic uncertainty around the world, Japan is an island of stability and economic opportunity. Japan’s leading executives communicate, through their own [...]

The Economist G7 Summit

In a period of global economic recession, Japan is making the difficult choices to reorient its economy for a more globalized world. As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said, Japan is taking economic reforms that are [...]