With the Nikkei stock index closing at a twenty-one year high recently, Japan’s economy
grew at its fastest pace in two years and is on its longest expansion streak in more than a decade.
Please watch our latest videos to see Japan’s leading executives communicate, through their
own eyes and words, the current socio-economic landscape of Japan and what the
bright future looks like for the world’s third-largest economy.

Global Japanese Leaders

Mr. Takuya Shimamura, President & CEO of AGC, Mr. Madoka Kitamura, President & Representative Director of TOTO, and Mr. Owen Mahoney, President & CEO of Nexon discuss why having an obsession with product quality is the key to success and building a strong global brand, how these high quality products play an essential role in our society by surrounding our daily lives, and why creativity can be the most powerful engine for any company to grow into a global leader.


Japanese Food: Unparalleled In The World

Mr. Koichi Mizutome, President & CEO of Sushiro, Mr. Shigeyuki Shinohara, Director of the Japan Sake & Shochu Maker’s Association, and Mr. Naoki Fumino, Chairman of Eat & discuss the art of creating one of Japan’s most famous and oldest foods with modern technology, how Japanese food culture is spreading throughout the world, and how efficiently and quality go hand-in-hand when you operate over 300 restaurants globally.

Japan Sake and Shoshu Association
SUSHIRO Global Holdings

Using Japanese Expertise To Expand Globally

Mr. Ichiro Hamakawa, President & CEO of JCB, and Mr. Mitsuo Sawai, President of Sawai Pharmaceutical discuss why being a Japanese company is a branding strength, that is synonymous with flexibility and quality, and how offering a cost-effective product will bring more happiness to the lives of your customers.


Real Estate: More Than An Investment In Japan

Mr. Nobuo Takenaka, Chairman of Misawa Homes, and Mr. Scott Callon, Chairman of Ichigo discuss why a home is Japan is much more than simply a place to live, how Japan is leading the world in energy conservation technologies such as the Zero Energy House, and how high functionality properties drive demand in Japan, which in turn is bringing global players to participate in the real estate market in Japan to invest and learn.