South Korea today is a vibrant economy, at the strategic heart of the APEC region,
the fastest growing economic region in the world. 2018 will bring all eyes of the world
on South Korea as it hosts the biggest sporting event in the world, and give South Korea
the much deserved opportunity to showcase the exciting reality and bright future of this
innovative country. Our video series sheds light on South Korea’s high growth sectors and
current socio-economic trends through the expert opinions and insights from some of
South Korea’s top economic & political leaders.

Connecting South Korea to the World

South Korean companies have always been internationally oriented, but in these ever globalizing times, businesses in South Korea are seeing more and more opportunities to expand abroad and lead global markets. South Korea is on the verge of doing this yet again in three disparate sectors: luxury tourism, mobile payment & MICE services. Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Kakao Pay & Coex, three leaders in their respective fields, explain why they believe their futures look both promising and globally oriented.

LOTTE Hotels & Resorts

Education: Essential To South Korea’s Global Competitiveness

Education, coupled with strong R&D, is the foundation for any innovative economy. South Korea, where spending on education and R&D is among the highest in the world, is a perfect example of this. Our next group of leaders outline how South Korea is continuing in its rich tradition of innovation and cutting-edge technological developments in exciting futuristic sectors that will reshape society such as robotics, AI & genomic medical treatments.

Yonsei University
Korea University

How Entrepreneurism is Reshaping South Korea

While Seoul is normally overlooked for cities like Singapore or Hong Kong as Asia’s epicenter for entrepreneurism, as our next group of leaders outline this is about to change. With a mix of ideal geography, smart public policy and an extremely talented & globally-oriented population, entrepreneurism is growing rapidly in South Korea and is set to transform the country.

Seongnam City

South Korea: a Global Leader in Medical Tourism

South Korea is experiencing explosive growth in medical tourism due to its high quality doctors and advanced medical procedures equal to anywhere in the world, but at a more cost-effective rate. What started with cosmetic surgeries has quickly developed into a wide variety of medical treatments, including pioneering cancer and spinal treatments. We brought together medical leaders from all different fields to discuss why this is just the beginning for this medical tourism boom and why South Korea should be at the top of anyone’s list for medical care.

Spine & Joint Nanoori Hospital
JW Plastic Surgery