With unemployment at a 25-year low and inflation starting to rise, the future
continues to look bright for Japan’s economic growth. In our next video series
focused on Japan,we dive into understanding the driving forces of this economic
resurgence by gathering insights from Japanese leaders in a wide range of
industries. Our group of leaders help explain that two forces are particularly vital
to this economic success, innovation and a strong corporate culture & mission.
Spring 2018 Campaign

Innovation Behind Japan’s Global Expansion

Mr. Susumu Kotani, President & CEO of Pioneer, Mr. Hideo Sawada, Chairman of H.I.S., and Mr. Tsuneo Katsuki, President of P.S. Mitsubishi Construction each operate in disparate sectors, but share a strong passion for innovation and always challenging the accepted frameworks of their respective sectors to grow their businesses. Whether it’s pioneering 3D-LiDAR technology to use for autonomous driving, revolutionizing the tourism sector by using robots to serve guests or creating the world’s first bridges using certain materials, these companies represent how innovation is driving global expansion in Japan.

P.S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.

Strong Corporate Culture is Driving Economic Growth in Japan

In Japan, a strong organizational culture and mission is considered to be critical to not only a company’s growth and success, but also to their brand. Mr. Hitoshi Ochi, President & CEO of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Mr. Masateru Matsutani, President & CEO of ABC Cooking Studio, and Mr. Yutaka Nishida, President of Trust Tech Inc. outline how they have each leveraged a unique corporate culture to shape their entire operations to grow their businesses.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
ABC Cooking Studio