Corporate Video Service

10 reasons why you should have a corporate video

1. Great for Business Development

Corporate videos are a helpful tool when pitching your proposal to a new client who probably hasn’t heard about you before. It will give him/her a good idea about your company. With a better SEO ranking, you can attract more global users to your brand faster than other traditional methods.

2. Better Audience Engagement

Consider being at a job fair hoping to recruit the best graduates for your company. As there are probably 20 other firms doing the same thing, nobody will have time to listen to speeches. If you use a corporate video, it will help in communicating your company’s value and benefits to your prospective employees.

3. Improves Creativity

Having a corporate video allows the marketing teams’ creative juices to flow. A corporate video needs to be made as imaginative as possible, and therefore the team puts in their best efforts. This results in not only a great video but also a chance for the team to polish their skills.

4. Increased Call to Action

Having a thoughtfully created corporate video and embedded in the About Us section of your company’s website increases the chances of a user to take an action. Prospective customers are likely to make a decision while just reading through the company’s introduction.

5. Mobile Friendly

The best part about corporate videos is that they are mobile friendly and can be watched on any device at any time. However, keep in mind that your video must be creative enough to grab viewers’ attention within the first 10 seconds.

6. Engaging Social Media

Nowadays, the most popular way of attracting new customers and job candidates is through social media networks. Millions of people use these platforms, that’s why it is important to have a good online presence there. The more people watch your videos, the greater success your promotional campaign will have.

7. Easy Communication

A corporate video tells your brand’s story in a simple and clear way. Today, nobody has time to go through a company’s catalog to know what it offers. Prospective clients and job candidates usually look at several options simultaneously and need quick facts.

8. Search Engine Friendly

Videos are always preferred by search engines. Therefore, every company needs to have a strong corporate video. Since Google has bought YouTube, the search engine ranking of a business website highly depends on its video content.

9. It Builds Trust

As we know, seeing is believing, and with hundreds of companies delivering the same message, it is hard to understand which one you can trust. However, a well designed corporate video with a strong and engaging message helps to emotionally connect with a target audience and develop trust.

10. Tell Your Brand Story

In today’s competitive world, surviving in the industry is the hardest job. Not only does a company need to offer the best products and services, but it also needs to stand out. Companies spend thousands of dollars on their marketing strategies to reach the maximum audience.


Our production workflow creates an easy, creative process that gives you ideas and then brings them to life.


We make a video proposal using our creative ideas together with what you want to communicate to make a exciting video that is accomplishes your communicate desires

After you have accepted the video proposal, we will start planning, scheduling and story-boarding and location hunting


We will film at the locations with our film crew to capture high quality footage


We will edit the video and have several feedback meetings with you to make sure you absolutely love the video