Japan Airlines – G7 Summit Ambassador Video

The G7 Summit was a once-in-decade event for Japan. There was huge global interest focused on Japan, especially viewers of The Economist, who follow geo-politics intently. In addition, Japan was experiencing a historic tourism boom and 40% of JAL’s travelers were foreigners. Indeed, JAL wanted to be the airline of choice to welcome and bring more and more travelers to Japan. JAL wanted to capitalize on these two trends in order to raise their brand perception and sell more tickets.

Solution Provided

While all eyes of the world were on Japan to welcome the G7 leaders, JAL was able to increase their publicity and brand perception by having President Ueki outline JAL’s own customer first philosophy of “omotenashi.” We filming at Haneda Airport, including a graduation ceremony that featured Japanese baseball star Hideki Matsui. JAL’s video on the Economist was very successful, with their Average Click Through Rate (CTR) beating the industry average by 47%.