JPX (Tokyo Stock Exchange) – Corporate Video

JPX asked us to create a video that made the stock market, and their group’s operations easy to understand. They also wanted to put what they believe is their company’s biggest strength as the star of the video, their high quality employees. We captured JPX’s entire operations, dedicating a part of the video to explaining each department. We also traveled to Osaka to film all of the Osaka scenes. We created 4 different versions of this video for various purposes, such as HR, IR & Promotional.

Solution Provided

Gave JPX a global mood & feel for Japanese & global investors.
In 2013 Tokyo Stock exchange and Osaka stock exchange joined each other and became JPX. JPX had struggled a lot with the awareness of the merger. In addition, their operations have a reputation for being hard to understand. We made a video explaining the JPX group, while also showing that the stock market has become more simple and user friendly since the merger.