Tamura Corporation - Company Introduction

At Tamura the attractiveness of the Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which develops globally in Japan and the world, is an image with an impact that attracts interest focused mainly on the end-user scene, with a wide range of awareness from customers to investors, and a founder We wanted to introduce and impress with the image the present from the past of the Tamura Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which inherited the spirit of.

The purpose of the film was to improve the corporate image of the Tamura, which aims for sustainable growth globally & to share their corporate values ​​within the Tamura Group in order to improve internal motivation.

Solution Provided

Hard to understand B2B business easily explained!

Easily communicate their business and core strengths in order to improve brand awareness
Main pointed communicated:

  • Aiming to realize healthy growth accompanied by profit, we are devoting ourselves to management that focuses on the environment, society, and governance.
  • Tamura aims to increase corporate value by contributing to society through our business activities and is making continuous efforts to create new values towards solving society’s problems.

Based on such points, we aimed to improve awareness by communicating previous history and familiar products in an easy-to-understand manner.

We filmed in Thailand to communicate their global footprint. In addition, by using CG, including a product explosion, we communicated their Unique Sales Points (USPs) and product design. Their advanced technology and overseas growth of Tamura Corporation is easily communicated to viewers.