ULVAC – Company Introduction

ULVAC asked us to create a video for their global Annual General Meeting that bring people from 20 different countries to Japan. As a B2B company, sometimes it is different for ULVAC to explain or communicate their products to customers and everyday people. ULVAC is not only a B2B company, but a B2B whose customers are also B2B because most of their vacuum technology products are used by other B2B companies in the manufacturing process.

Solution Provided

Hard to understand B2B business easily explained!

We suggested to show the real value or benefit their company gives their customers and society by filming their products, and explaining why they are unique or great, but also showing a lot of “end user” scenes, to show how their products are used by their customers and in society.

We filmed in several locations, including their main factory & head office and used modern filming, lighting, and editing techniques to show their products in an exciting way. We created an English version for global use and a Japanese version.